About TraffiGlove

TraffiGlove is the industry leader and designer of PPE safety gloves.
We invented the original colour-coded traffic light system which shows you the cut protection level of your gloves at a glance. Our innovative and proven hand protection system is reducing hand accidents and saving costs across a range of industries around the world. www.traffiglove.com

The Brief

TraffiGlove was looking for an exhibition system that would support 2 shows this year as well as many future events. The two shows both had different stand spaces; the first 5 x 4 and the second 3 x 3.
Both shows are significant industry shows and Traffi was looking for a solution that could flexibly and affordably support the two different stand spaces (plus future shows with different space sizes).
As the market innovator for colour-coded safety gloves, the presentation of the TraffiGlove brand is critical at a show – they simply must be best in class.

The Solution

refresh® is the self-build modular system by Clip. Lightweight, compact and reconfigurable – you can use this system over and over for all your different shows and spaces.
With the refresh® system we could provide TraffiGlove the superior quality to match their market leading status, whilst giving the flexibility and affordability that they needed too.

The Result

After the first show, TraffiGlove is delighted with the refresh® system. It really enabled them to deliver their event objectives – to launch a new glove in the range and to generate a strong pipeline of leads.

Customer says:

“We’re delighted with the refresh® system. It’s by far the best self-build system we’ve come across in the market and it allows us to showcase our product in the right environment – an exceptional quality to match our glove. We’re looking forward to the many ways we will continue to use the refresh® system and we’re impressed that we have the option to affordably replace our graphic whenever we want. It’s a really flexible solution and I’d recommend it to any business that needs a ‘live event kit’ that can easily be stored away in the cupboard”.

Tom Barton, Head of Marketing, TraffiGlove