Kit Code 2F: 2m Backlit Display

Product Specification

The refresh 2m backlit display stand gives the most striking and high impact display solution available.

The backwall stands 2.4m high x 2m wide, with the front wall covered in a single piece, stretched fabric graphic, giving huge impact.

The side walls also increase the graphic coverage that the stand offers, maximising ROI.

The wall is 400mm deep and contains internal lighting strips that turn the system into a huge, freestanding lightbox.

Impact is truly stunning.

The real beauty of the refresh backlit display is that it is a completely self-build system, which means you can achieve bespoke impact, without any of the additional costs that this would traditionally have come with.

The entire system packs away into two wheeled transport cases which fit easily into the back of a medium to large family car and the stand is assembled with no tools in well under an hour.

Maximum impact and ROI, with minimum on-cost and fuss.

Artwork Guidelines

£2,397.00 + VAT