Kit Code 3E: 3m x 1m Stand, Open at the Front Only

Product Specification

The refresh 3m x 1m stand, open at the front only, enables you to make a huge impact in a small space.

The refresh system gives you the showstopping impact of a bespoke exhibition stand, with all of the logistical benefits of a pop-up display.

Refresh is completely self-build, without even needing to use any tools.

The system packs away into two, wheeled transport cases that fit into the back of a medium or large family car.

If you have the opportunity to attend a last minute exhibition, roadshow or even put on an internal conference, then the refresh system enables you to make a big splash and look highly professional without any on-costs of a stand contractor.

Stretched fabric graphic panels attached easily and quickly to the stand and are interchanged in minutes, enabling you to show event-specific messages and maximise your ROI.

Artwork Guidelines

£1,447.00 + VAT