Kit Code 3H: 3m x 3m Stand, Open on 2 Sides

Product Specification

The refresh 3m x 3m stand, open on two sides, provides great impact and amazing value.

A relatively large stand space can be filled with maximum impact but without breaking your budget.

The refresh system is completely self-build so you are not tied in to on-costs for stand contractors to build your stand, as with bespoke stand solutions.

However, the nature of refresh means that you get the same impact and look as these more expensive options.
Stretched fabric graphics cover the walls of the stand giving you show stopping impact.

The nature of refresh also means that the system is modular and can be reconfigured for different stand sizes and shapes.

New graphic panels can be interchanged in a matter of seconds and they cost around half the price of traditional pop-up graphics, ensuring the value for money continues for as long as you use refresh.

Artwork Guidelines

£1,757.00 + VAT