Kit Code 3J: 3m x 3m Stand, Open Front Only

Product Specification

The refresh 3m x 3m stand, open front only is a must for anyone who attends this size of shell scheme space at exhibitions or conferences.

The system is the best value for money available on the market in the UK and also gives you eye catching impact.

This particular configuration is our bestseller, and it’s clear to see why.

The entire system packs away into two, wheeled transport cases that fit into the back of a medium or large family car.

As with all refresh stands, it is completely self-build, with no tools required at all.

The stand takes less than one hour to build in its entirety.

The modular nature of refresh means that if you have different stand spaces in the future, refresh can be reconfigured to meet your needs.

Stretched graphic panels attach to the system quickly and easily and are also interchanged in a matter of seconds, enabling event specific messages to be used to really maximise your ROI.

New graphics actually cost around half the price per sqm of traditional pop-up graphics, really emphasising the value that refresh brings your live event schedule.

Artwork Guidelines

£2,367.00 + VAT