Kit Code 3K: 3m Wall With 400mm Sides and Plasma Screen Bracket

Product Specification

The refresh 3m wall with 400 mm sides and plasma screen bracket offers you a completely new option in the display and live events world.

Refresh is a system that has the structure and strength for you to hang a monitor on it, whilst maintaining the self-build aspect of the system – truly revolutionary.

The back wall spans 3m wide and is 400mm deep, giving it complete stability, yet the entire refresh system packs down into two wheeled transport cases that will fit into the back of a medium or large family car.

The stretched fabric graphics enables you to create high impact company messaging and the plasma screen can add the more bespoke delivery of an exact message, depending on the event or even the specific time of day. (Cost of plasma screen is not included in the price shown.)

Artwork Guidelines

£1,767.00 + VAT