Kit Code 6C: 6m x 3m Stand, Open Front Only

Product Specifications

The refresh 6m x 3m stand, open front only gives you eye catching impact and maximises every piece of space you have at your specific event.

The ultra slim line refresh system is only millimetres deep when assembled, meaning the walling can be pushed right to the edges of your stand space, making the most of the expensive floor space you’ve paid for, unlike traditional pop-up stands and more bulky exhibition solutions which waste large proportions of your stand space.

The refresh system is also modular, so can be redesigned to fit different stand spaces and layouts in future, maximising your ROI.

The self-build nature of refresh means that you aren’t committed to using expensive stand build contractors and this entire stand packs away into three main wheeled transport cases which will fit into the back of a large family car, making transportation and storage easy and hassle free.

Artwork Guidelines

£3,077.00 + VAT