Shell-Pac Kit 2

Acting as the complete package when making a statement at any exhibition or event, a Shell Scheme by Clip uses the latest technology and graphics to communicate your brand and business message successfully. Kit 2 of our Shell Scheme range features 6 Shell-Pac graphic panels, 2 lit roller stands and 1 roll plinth and is capable of fitting a 3 x 3 Shell Scheme set up.

Shell-Pac is supplied in reinforced cardboard carry boxes for lightweight carrying. Three graphic panels are capable of fitting into each of these boxes, enabling them to be used any number of times. What’s more, the entire system is recyclable.

  • 6 x Shell-Pac graphic panels, 2 x Lit roller 4 stands & 1 x Roll-plinth
  • Fits into a 3 x 3 Shell Scheme
  • Durable and reusable
  • 100% recyclable - including the box it comes in
  • Cost-effective and stress free
  • Fits perfectly into a shell scheme
  • Can be delivered directly to your show stand
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