Shell-Pac Kit 3

With our Shell Scheme Kit 3, you can gain peace of mind that your promotional work won’t negatively affect the environment. The system is 100% recyclable.

The Kit 3 uses the latest technology – graphics are printed directly onto lightweight honeycomb panels, which are then attached directly to the Shell Scheme walls. Not only does this make for stylish aesthetics, but the panels have a seamless crease in the centre, which allows them to be easily transported.

The Kit 3 Shell Scheme is supplied in reinforced cardboard boxes, with each box containing three graphic panels. This means that the kit can be used over and over, before being recycled. What’s more, Clip can deliver and install the system directly to your stand. Overall, the Kit 3 offers a simple, cost-effective and stress free solution for your promotional material.

  • 8 x Shell-Pac panels
  • Durable and reusable
  • 100% recyclable - including the box it comes in
  • Cost-effective and stress free
  • Fits perfectly into a Shell Scheme
  • Can be delivered directly to your show stand
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