Shell-Pac Kit 4

Capable of being used within a 4 x 4 Shell Scheme system, Kit 4 contains everything you could ever need to impress any potential passers-by at an event or show. The Kit 4 utilises the latest technology to effectively communicate your brand and/or business, displaying your clearly printed designs on its distinct honeycomb panels.

The kit can be used over and over, and it is 100% recyclable. With our Kit 4 variant, the way in which a Shell Scheme can be dressed is forever revolutionised, featuring 8 graphic panels and 2 Kit roller 4 stands for maximum effect and success.

  • 8 x Shell-Pac graphic panels, 2 x Lit roller 4 stands & 1 x Roll-plinth
  • Fits into a 4 x 4 Shell Scheme
  • Durable and reusable
  • 100% recyclable - including the box it comes in
  • Cost-effective and stress free
  • Fits perfectly into a Shell Scheme
  • Can be delivered directly to your show stand
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£1,195.00 + VAT