Case Study

Clip were delighted to help Three Ways and Fosse Way Special Schools with a virtual transition fair for their students.

Nathan Nicholls, Business Development Manager, managed the project from Clip’s side;

“It’s a very simple virtual hall into which we dropped approximately 30 virtual roll-up banners, each with personalised branding and information hotspots that delivered a deeper level of information for the students and their carers to access whenever they need to.

The hotspots linked to websites, powerpoints, videos and information sheets and all were accessible online 24/7. It’s simplicity worked perfectly for the students but the technology also gives Three Ways and Fosse Way Schools the ability to use the inbuilt analytics to track visitor numbers and show their exhibitors what exposure they have had.”


Lucy Beattie, Fundraising, Marketing and Development Manager at Three Ways School outlines their objectives;

We needed a way to give students, parents, carers and the support teams a way to present future options to students in an accessible, visual way. Clip worked with us to come up with a visually simple, easily navigable solution. We are really pleased with the outcome and it gives us a brilliant ongoing platform to share on our website, social media and to use in school.