Virtual Showrooms

How do your sales teams now demonstrate or show products? Our virtual showroom platform brings products to life and maximises client engagement. Any setting can be created, real or imaginary, inside or outdoors. Product can be dropped into the environment and updated quickly and easily if needed and it can be totally multi-lingual opening up your potential market.

A virtual showroom offers maximum engagement. Hotspots can be located throughout the virtual pace and link to product 360 models, videos, spec sheets, testimonials, case studies, games, live video chat, the list of options goes on and on.

The virtual showroom can be open-access for visitors to visit whenever they want and at their own leisure, or the showroom can be controlled by your own staff who can guide people round for 1-2-1 demonstrations, If you want, the virtual showroom can switch between open-access and a guided tour at the touch of a button. Live 365 days a year and with full analytics it is a great sales and also marketing tool that will deliver superb ROI.