Event: CES, the world’s largest consumer technology show.

About Ultrahaptics

Ultrahaptics is the world leader of mid-air haptics. The breakthrough haptic technology uses ultrasound to create rich, three-dimensional shapes and textures that can be felt, but not seen. With haptic technology you can add amazing haptics to virtual objects, develop immersive holographic interfaces, and augment gesture control with natural tactile feedback. You can unlock the true potential of touch. www.ultrahaptics.com

The Project:

CES, the world’s largest Consumer Technology Show held annually in Las Vegas, U.S.A. Ultrahaptics needed to bring their space to life and truly demonstrate the different applications of their technology for the consumer, in every day life.

The Solution

We designed and created a space for Ultrahaptics that was able to put into context how the technology can be applied in different environments. We created a ‘living room’, a virtual reality zone, an ATM zone and a ‘movie poster’ area. This showed how the technology is applied in different scenarios of every day living.

The Result

Ultrahaptics were delighted with the performance of the stand. It delivered in all aspects. The design enabled Ultrahaptics to demonstrate the different applications of its technology to a wide audience. The show was a perfect platform to access their key target audience and, as a result, this has strengthened their pipeline with new opportunities and it has also further developed some of their existing relationships. The stand really allowed them to show off their super advanced technology in application.

Customer says:

“Thank you for this year’s CES stand – we’ve had some great compliments on the stand from the execs and visitors! Executives were very happy as well and it was very successful in terms of number and quality of visitors”

Ansa Butt, Design Director, Ultrahaptics