Your local support, globally

Wherever in the world your event is, we’re perfectly positioned as your local support to provide international exhibition services. We are a truly international company, with offices in the UK, Belgium and Germany, and we have partner companies in 25 other countries across the globe.

Access to the international exhibitions markets

If you’re looking to take part in a global event programme then it’s vital that, regardless of the location, your brand is delivered consistently. Dealing with different companies at each location is not only an admin and logistical horror, it often results in inconsistencies with designs, stands and general output.

Using a single, global exhibition stand supplier ensures that there is complete consistency across every event, regardless of size and location. In addition, dealing face to face with a local company in the planning and concepts of the event who can also manage the local support on the ground for the event itself is truly priceless. Our international exhibition services make events globally as stress-free and cost effective as exhibiting locally.

Use our network of market leading partners to help you open huge new business potential through international exhibitions markets.

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