At a trade show you have three to seven seconds to grab attention of passers-by. So, if you want to get the best from the exhibition, you need to bear in mind the three second rule…

What can you do in three seconds to make people stop and look at your stand? First of all you need to tell them who you are. Secondly you need to tell them what you do and then tell them what you offer. Follow this guide from Clip on how to create an attention-grabbing stand and you won’t go far wrong…


It sounds simple doesn’t it? But you really have to make sure your stand ‘pops’ when it comes to your brand. Don’t be shy with your logo – make sure the audience can clearly see who you are in the very first second they clasp their eyes on you. Talk to your stand provider about where to locate your logo on the stand design. There are many options to make it stand out – from backlit LED fabric to ceiling-suspended logos. Be as bold and as obvious as you need to be. We have been to exhibitions before and our message says WE ARE CLIP – we literally tell our audience who we are.


So a second has already gone by and you need to explain yourself… quickly! Another common mistake we seem time and time again is too much wording – or even abstract messaging – on the stand. First of all, think back to the 3 second rule of capturing attention at a trade show – you only have 3 seconds. So don’t fill your lovely graphics with lots of blurb that people simply won’t read. Instead, be punchy and be obvious. In one sentence, simply describe what you do.


So this is the final second of the three second rule, and a really important one! It’s the “pull” to your stand. Make them want to stop and check you out. In their language, you need to deliver a real benefit to them for your product and service. This is where a promotion can be really powerful. Or a new product or service. You need to have a clear campaign message for the show and this is where you tell it. Using your graphics and visuals, shout about what you have to offer. We’ve put together a list of top campaigns for a show, where our customers have had success:

  1. DISCOUNTS! 20% off is always a hit – people love to get money off. Making it a ‘show only’ offer is a great way to get signed orders or hot leads.
  2. NEW PRODUCTS OR SERVICES – It’s human nature to be intrigued by anything that’s new to market. People enjoy being the first to see a new product launched and they enjoy to experience it. So if it’s a new product, bring samples or a demo.
  3. SOMETHING FOR FREE – This could be a free service, such as a ‘free audit’ that you’re offering or a free product that they receive for signing up to you or buying something.
  4. A CHANCE TO WIN! Competitions are always a hit and a lot of people are willing to engage if they have a chance to win something. Bear in mind though that this tactic may increase traffic, but not necessarily help you with lead quality.
  5. GIVEAWAYS! Everyone loves something for nothing. Giveaways are always a hit at shows, but again be warned you may attract visitors who aren’t your target audience. Be prepared for this and read about lead capture in our exhibition guide to further improve the quality of your leads. Good giveaways are typically products that can be reused at home or work, like travel mugs, or keep an eye on what’s currently trending like fidget spinners.