Expert Staff Training!

A well-planned and well-executed marketing campaign will be successful – and that rule applies, without exception, to exhibitions and live events. Having a great looking exhibition stand is a good start but it still needs to be worked effectively to deliver the results you want. That is why Clip provides custom exhibition stand staff training.

Personal exhibition stand training for your whole team

Our exhibition stand training can take place at your offices or your team can visit our Live Lounge where we can build your stand for a real life dress rehearsal.

The training is customised around your brand, your objectives, the show you’re attending and your team’s individual experience to make it as relevant as possible and will usually include some or all of the following elements to ensure a successful live event;

  • Why the exhibition stand has been designed the way it has.
  • The event objectives and targets you’re looking to achieve.
  • Making sure everyone on the exhibition stand knows their role.
  • Ice breakers and how to initially engage with visitors.
  • How to qualify visitors to ensure you identify the hot prospects.
  • How to record the prospect information
  • Making sure there is a clear follow-up plan in place that visitors are made aware of.
  • Body language and what your team is saying without realising it.
  • Some of the key faults to avoid.

The exhibition stand training sessions vary in timescales, depending on requirements, and can last anything from 20 minutes to half a day- whatever you and we feel is most appropriate for your specific team.

Speak to us to arrange your exhibition stand staff training.

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