Take advantage of our storage facility

Using our dedicated exhibition stand storage facility will save you a huge amount of hassle, stress and time. Each stand is kept in its own designated storage bay with the facility under 24-hour security, to give you total peace of mind that your investment is secure.

Not only does our display stand storage facility free up space at your own site but we also run a full inventory for upcoming events and pick and clean the relevant components for your stand, saving you hours.

For most of our clients we also manage their event giveaways and branded merchandise, working to pre-arrange stock re-order levels to ensure they always have the right quantities for each event.

Leave the donkey work to us

For smaller events where you need some simple display branding, let our team deliver and set this up for you to ensure that you have a professional and consistent message without your sales or marketing team having to spend their valuable time transporting and setting up your display stand.

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