Make Some Noise

You’ll stand out at the show! 

Our graphic design team eat, sleep and breathe design. And that’s what makes them awesome.

Research shows that you have 3 seconds to make an impact with your marketing message. In that time, a prospect will judge who you are, what you do and whether or not they wish to engage with you. It goes without saying that this makes it absolutely vital that your exhibition stand design is right on the money.

There are two mistakes that we see at every event, but with Clip this won’t happen to you;

  • Overcrowding your exhibition stand graphics with too much information! It’s confusing and impossible to read. Your stand graphics are there to tease and hook people to your stand. It needs to be legible from distance and to the point.
  • Poor exhibition stand messaging! If your brand is relatively unknown, then abstract messaging doesn’t work.

Delivering a high impact, stand-out message that is consistent with your brand voice is what our stand graphic design team do. Let them help you make a great impact at your next live event.

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