It’s not always the large exhibitions at the headline venues that deliver the results for your marketing team. More and more, it is smaller, regional one-day events that are becoming a key part of marketing plans of the biggest brands and let’s face it, pull up banner stands, and pop-ups just don’t cut it these days.

We can help you make just as much of a splash with a small space at a one-day event.

We have a range of systems that you can hire or purchase to meet your budget.

Our team can transport your stand to your one-day event and set it all up for you to give you total peace of mind that it will be set up in time and exactly as you want it to look ensuring brand consistency from event to event.

We can also store and manage your event literature and giveaways, so you know the right marketing collateral is at each event, meaning your sales team just need to staff the stand and close those leads.