How to Utilise Technology to Boost Your Next Event

Technology is changing the Events Industry constantly, both how you portray yourself to your audience and how your audience interacts with you. Growing technology helps you make the most from these events, ensuring you gain as much interaction and engagement with potential customers, industry leaders and competitors.

It creates a more enjoyable experience for all, allowing you to let your creativity run wild with technology from virtual reality to 360° views, the possibilities are endless!

New Technologies

There are so many new technologies that could be used at events – facial recognition to gain more tags on Facebook, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to increase check-ins on Social Media, Artificial Intelligence – Chatbots to answer any queries whilst you are busy at the event and personalised recommendations of sessions to attend and products to check out via event apps.

Livestreaming talks /speakers can be used so your audience don’t miss out on key points and experiences of the show, encourage sharing of these with the chance of winning a competition to gain further engagement, this is turn will encourage lead growth and more ticket sales in long term. There is an option of using Gesture Control to increase interaction within presentations and demonstrations. Also, AI (Artificial Intelligence) e.g. Apple’s Siri / Microsoft Cortana can help with organisation – transport, booking etc.).

There’s an App for Everything

There are Apps for everything – event specific (integrated tickets), QR code scanning, lead target calculating, lead capturing, event planning, planning your stand and searching for the ideal venue. All of which Clip can help you with. Find out what we offer here.

These apps can help you identify who your audience is already, how many people are interested in your products/services, what platforms they are using and how you can reach them and also their lookalikes.

All Five Senses

Growing technology allows you to tap into all five of your audience’s senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. For example, if you were a car manufacturer you can have sensors that release a leather smell that scream luxury vehicles, Virtual Reality headsets allow you to give your audience an out of this world experience, they can simulate driving a luxury car around a racing track with realistic, high-quality sounds of the engine roaring.

Practical Demonstrations

Enable you to demonstrate products to visitors. Using the example of a car manufacturer again, you cannot always get the physical product into the exhibition, however new technologies such as VR headsets and AR phone apps allow your audience to experience your product as if it was there in front of them. Your audience can see the car, and experience what it feels like to drive it with other technologies. Tapping into all their senses to make it a realistic, exhilarating experience.

Never Ending Benefits

There are many benefits of utilising the ever-growing technologies of the events industry;

  • Increased engagement and interest in your product
  • You become a thought leader and influencer within your industry
  • You can record new data and leads,
  • Receive live updates, share live videos and interact with people attending via social media
  • Increase the speed of data capture (reduce human error when inputting!)
  • Enhance experience for all
  • Focus on the event whilst the technologies run in the background


However, there are large costs that come with these technologies that could prevent businesses from investing in them. When looking at new technologies there are many aspects to consider, like the amount of tech fails that have to happen before the product is ready for use, it can be expensive to make and also to buy, and with these new technologies you must ensure staff training is had by all involved to ensure no problems occur. Having said this, stats show the increase in new technology has increased attendance by 20% and can reduce costs by up to 30%.


Is you need any assistance in utilising technology to boost your next Live Event, get in touch. We’ll make sure you have an amazing show!