Three Creative Ways to Increase Exhibition Footfall with Next-Gen Backlit Displays


Light can be a powerful thing. In the exhibition world, similarly to the natural world, light fulfils a number of purposes. It catches the eye, it leads the way, and increases footfall as visitors are drawn towards it.

There are many reasons as to why moths, and other winged insects, may be drawn towards man-made lights sources such as a burning candle, or your smartphone screen. But, the most popularly held opinion is that the lights throw off their internal navigation systems, leading them away from where they were originally heading.

Long before there was light, insects would have to rely solely on the sun, moon and stars to navigate their surroundings, which can cause them to become dazzled by artificial lights, distracted from their journey and drawn to them.

The same, can be said for humans. There’s a reason that places such as Times Square and Piccadilly Circus have become iconic areas in their respective cities. Visitors are drawn to their bright lights, and this is something that advertisers learnt long ago. Hence why some of the world’s biggest brands use the LED boards to showcase their products and services.

When in the event hall, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of exhibitors and visitors that can be present on a given day. Standing out can be difficult, however, like a moth to flame, backlit displays (such as MODULAP+ or PixlipGo) can help draw visitors to your exhibition stand, and increase leads.

Here are three creative ways to increase exhibition footfall, and enquiries, with next-gen backlit displays.

Illuminate your products

An innovative and stunning way to showcase your brand’s product range, using a backlit display as a backdrop will help to draw attention to your products, and make sure that you deliver a successful event that exceeds your brand’s objectives delivers you a strong return on investment.

As our range of self-build light up display units are completely modular, hooks (and other accessories) can be added to your backdrop with ease, to ensure that your product showcase is unique, engaging and eye-catching.

Direct visitors straight to your stand

As we mentioned before, live events can be overwhelming as a visitor, with so many stands and companies to choose from, it’s imperative that you make your business’ stand as visible as possible.

An excellent way to do this is by using the next-generation of self-build display systems. Pop-up and roll-up banners are no longer they only way to display your brand at event. New backlit display systems such as PixlipGo can your brand the attention it deserves across the exhibition floor by placing signs that give directions directly to your exhibition stand. Did we mention that PixlipGo is double-sided for even more visibility?

Light up the exhibition hall

What’s better than one light display unit? A whole stand made of totally modular light-boxes that will have your exhibition stand seen from each corner of the event hall! Self-build modular systems, such as MODULAP+ and PixlipGo, from Clip, are lightweight, portable, and easy to store and build, making them a perfect choice to get your brand’s name in lights.

Once you’ve invested in a self-build backlit display system you can use it over and over again. For the price of a roll-up display banner, you change your graphics whenever you need to change your message – delivering your business with a sustainable and affordable solution to your exhibiting needs.

Discover our range of next generation self-build backlit display systems for yourself, and find out why, with their endless benefits, they’re the stands that everyone is opting for these days.